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Paypal is declining your payment


If you have logged into Paypal using your Paypal credentials then this could be an issue between your bank and your credit card company, so check with your bank.

Other times it is that Paypal are having technical issues and they cannot process your transaction at that time, so you will need to try later or use the alternate payment methods detailed below. 

The strangest of the rejections is that we may have a product with a colour like Scuba Blue or Persian Green and Paypal have a list of terms that they will refuse to process. Scuba has the letters Cuba contained in it and Persia is now known as Iran. The US government has trade restrictions with some countries and Paypal, being US based, will therefore reject the transaction. We have started mispelling those colours to avoid the issue. Paypal refuse the provide the list of terms that they will reject so we are finding these by chance.

If you are having Payment issues please contact us via our Contact Us page so we can attempt to identify the problem and fix.

Alternatives are to select Payment on store pickup OR Direct Deposit or PayID. Leave a note about your Paypal issue in the "Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order" field during checkout and we will call you once we have picked the stock and are ready to take payment by phone. 


In June 2020 we have had an increase in errors as we attempt to submit your transaction to Paypal and you do not get prompted to login to Paypal. Below is the advisory we received from Paypal notifying us that they have issues, but we have customers completing transactions minutes either side of the failure, so the problem is intermittent and sometimes for a very short period.

In this instance try again and/or the use an alternative payment method as detailed above.


PayPal Status Notifications
Initial Notification: Impact to PayPal logins
Impacted Products/APIs: Identity, Online Checkout, Account
Incident Start Time: Tue, 02 Jun 2020 05:49 GMT
Initial Notification:
Affected Regions: Global

We are experiencing a system issue which may be affecting PayPal logins on the Production environment. PayPal users may be encountering timeouts or errors while attempting to login to the PayPal account or when making a payment. 


Our technical teams are actively working towards resolving the issue.

Tue, 02 Jun 2020 06:22 GMT


On a couple of occasions, Paypal has flagged this as resolved and then we get another notification

PayPal Status Notifications
Initial Notification: PayPal live site maintenance - June 19
Impacted Products/APIs: REST APIs, Online Checkout, Homepage, Mobile In-Store, PayPal Here
Maintenance Start Time: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 04:00 GMT
Maintenance End Time: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 09:00 GMT
Initial Notification:

During the time indicated, there will be up to 2 minutes of impact during which merchants may experience the following:


  • Merchants and customers may experience higher-than-normal declines to transactions.
  • Merchants may encounter an increased number of "10001 - Internal Error" and/or "520002 -Internal Error" responses for API calls.
  • PayPal users may also experience errors accessing the PayPal website ( and/or the PayPal checkout flows.
  • PayPal REST APIs may result in HTTP 500 errors.
  • PayPal Here and Mobile In-Store payments may not complete.


Please note that due to the nature of this maintenance, the timing of possible impact can not be narrowed down. However, impact, if experienced, is expected to be minimal.

Thu, 11 Jun 2020 19:19 GMT



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