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I have booked a class but I am not able to attend?


We provide our classes as a service. We understand that occasionally circumstances occur that prevent you attending on the day you have booked and paid to attend. While the classes do sell out and we maintain a waitlist, there is no obligation on the person on the waitlist to take your position in the class.

The conditions of sale on any class are:-
a) You can transfer to another class provided you notify us, by email, at least 7 days before the class and there is a vacancy in the class you wish to transfer into.
b) A store credit will only be given if you notify us, by email, at least 7 days before the scheduled class. This allows us to offer it to the waitlist and/or relist it on our website.
c) Class places are transferable to another person provided you advise us, by email, who is attending in your place before the class. You will need to sort out the payment with the person taking your place so no store credit from The Wool Inn is due.
d) If you wish to surrender your place within 7 days of the class, please advise us by email and we will offer it to the waitlist and provide a store credit only if a waitlisted person chooses to attend in your place. We offer the places in strict order of receipt of emails surrendering places and offer these in strict order of the names on the waitlist.


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