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Are all the products you stock on your site?


On 08APR15 approximately 72% of our 8800 products that are active our retail system had been loaded to the online site. If you cannot find the product or shade listed, please contact us and we can quickly advise if we have that item in stock.

We are progressively loading products based on what we are receiving from suppliers and selling through the retail operation.

There are two impediments that slow the rate at which we can load some products. These are:-

1) Products are not barcoded  - traditionally we controlled the stock as a total count for assorted colours. We realise that this is not acceptable in an online environment as we cannot provide you with an accurate stock on hand for the colour you need. To manually barcode the balls by colour is very time consuming. We are actively talking to our suppliers about sourcing bar coded stock as it is now mandatory in the Europe but still optional in the USA. 

2) Product images - some products and/or shades are not readily accessible from suppliers/manufacturers websites. 




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